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Introducing OpiGo: Bootstrapped Startup by Mumbai Brothers Transforms Stock Discussions Among Friends

In recent years, social media communities have become hotspots for stock tips and trends. But amidst the chaos, misinformation thrives. Several individuals and companies have been banned by as they closely monitor and take necessary actions to address the growing concerns of pump and dump schemes, safeguarding innocent retail investors from falling into the traps set by syndicates. Recognizing this challenge, the duo brothers created OpiGo.

“Our user-friendly platform transforms investment decisions, paving the way for seamless wealth creation,” reveals Devansh, a seasoned wealth manager with a portfolio advisory track record exceeding INR 2500 Crore.

OpiGo introduces innovative tools, with its “Cards” feature at the forefront. Users can now share bullish or bearish stock opinions, coupled with real-time prices and insightful analytics, fostering meaningful discussions and informed decision-making.

“To enhance transparency, OpiGo employs a cutting-edge scoring algorithm, fuelling friendly competition and daily engagement among users. This pushes them beyond the pitfalls of relying on friends and family for stock selection, where 90% of investors incur losses,” highlights Devansh.

Furthermore, OpiGo verifies SEBI-registered experts like Alok Daiya, Gaurav Sharma, Prosenjit Ghosh, and Prateek Bhardwaj, expanding their client base and offering users reliable insights.

Within just three months of its launch, OpiGo has attracted a thriving community of 3900 investors. Aman, the driving force behind marketing and operations, attributes this success to the camaraderie and competition fostered among friends and experts.

“Our community is the heart of OpiGo’s success, uniting finance enthusiasts to learn, share, and grow together,” says Aman.

In the community, numerous early users like Dushyant Rathore, Penny Matters, Naimishkumar Parmar and Sumit Jain rise as top performers, showcasing their expertise and refining their stock picking skills. Users have expressed that it has become their daily addiction to check scores.

According to American rapper Redfoo, “OpiGo’s interactive polls are a smart and engaging way for users to make better decisions.” The internationally renowned artist has praised the platform for its unique approach and the impact it has made in empowering users.

OpiGo is currently engaging with multiple investors for an upcoming fundraise. With India’s DEMAT account market projected to exceed 250 million by 2030, they aim to cater to the finance interests of India’s 40 crore individuals, offering them an accessible and reliable investment platform.

“We had a blast during our bootstrapped days, enjoying the thrill of building something from scratch. But now, we’re itching to take things to the next level and scale up like crazy! We’re on the lookout for funding to fuel our growth and attract some Rockstar talent. With the right mentors and a stellar team, we’re ready to write the next exciting chapter of our OpiGo story,” expresses Devansh.

As part of its monetization strategy, OpiGo will facilitate product distribution with their built-in tech, transactions, advisory, and a fancy reward program (with a twist). However, the team’s primary focus remains on building a high-quality community of accomplished investors, experts, and passionate learners.

As social trading gains momentum in India, OpiGo leads the charge in promoting wealth creation for millennials and seasoned experts alike. Through collaborations and partnerships, the platform aims to foster 100% financial engagement among India’s youth.

For more information:
Email: aman@opigo.in
Contact: 9619208325

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