MQDC Displays Exquisite Bangkok Homes in Delhi

<p>One of the leading real estate developers in Thailand, MQDC, unveiled its elegant Bangkok residences in New Delhi on Thursday. Bangkok icons like ICONSIAM, a popular worldwide destination for shopping and leisure, are well-known because to MQDC. With its Whizdom Club, an inspiration center and co-working space in Delhi’s posh Greater Kailash II neighborhood, the firm has established a foothold in the country since 2019.</p>
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<p>With an investment worth of $3.8 billion, the firm is now finishing up its flagship project, The Forestias forest area, which is one of Thailand’s largest-ever projects. The 64-hectare green neighborhood combines housing with services for transportation, healthcare, and leisure.</p>
<p>Vice President of International Market Development Wilawan Brenig said that MQDC in Delhi offered opulent residences that catered to high net worth investors in the context of the “third home” trend. “MQDC has a unique offering within Bangkok’s property market that we’re thrilled to be presenting to India’s high- end home buyers at an exclusive showcase on 1-3 December 2023,” she said.</p>
<p>High-net-worth investors find Bangkok particularly appealing. MQDC is able to provide Indian purchasers with the elegance and effect they want in a prestigious “third home” that reflects their accomplishments and status by adhering to strict requirements for a discriminating international market. MQDC may outperform the market in yearly returns since it is a competent mixed-use developer with 30 years of experience leading Thailand’s real estate industry. MQDC assets have an average yearly yield of between 5 and 7 percent, along with a 3% annual capital gain and a 5% rental return, according to the spokesperson.</p>
<p>MQDC, with its young Whizdom brand, is spearheading the Thai real estate industry’s connection with India. In an effort to engage with the vibrant startup scene in India, the business is now setting up shop in Gurugram for its second Whizdom Club. India is expected to account for 2 million of Thailand’s tourism industry’s arrivals in 2023. Brenig said that there is a great deal of unrealized potential in the nation for Indian expatriates.</p>
<p>“MQDC sees India as offering unmatched potential amid Bangkok’s cosmopolitan expat mix, drawn by the city’s amazing amenities, fabulous service culture, and world-class education and healthcare,” she said.</p>
<p>“MQDC is excited to establish stronger ties with a nation that has such promise due to its young population and vibrant economic culture. We can help Indian purchasers achieve their lifestyle and investment objectives by providing professional assistance, ensuring secure ownership and the best possible locations and facilities,” the statement said.</p>
<p>During the occasion, houses at The Forestias, an emerging green neighborhood developed with international talent like Foster + Partners, were among the MQDC properties showcased. The Forestias offers a variety of housing options, including “Whizdom” dwellings for first-generation homeowners, “Mulberry Grove” villas and condos for families with several generations, and “The Forestias Signature Series” homes, which fully capture the unique idea of the forest area.</p>
<p>In the midst of a trend where successful professionals and businesspeople are adding a “third home” to their portfolio in addition to their family and holiday homes, MQDC seeks to cater to affluent Indian consumers. “Bangkok’s luxury properties have worldwide elite appeal, combining secure ownership with outstanding quality, attractive yield and rental returns, and access to the peerless attractions of a global metropolis,” Brenig said.</p>
<p>“MQDC stands out for its commitment to quality of design and construction, offering an unmatched 30-year warranty on all its residences, reflecting the company’s founding commitment to ‘For All Well-Being’, our dedication to enhancing quality of life for all life,” she said.</p>
<p>Known for its proficiency in complex mixed-use projects, MQDC employs a “sustainnovation” strategy using environmentally friendly methods created by its research center, the Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC).</p>

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