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Emotional Resonance: Dashmi Movie Unveils Title Song, Warms The Cockles Of Heart

In a glitzy affair that illuminated a prime hotspot in Mumbai, the much-awaited song launch event of Dashmi movie, featuring the title song, “Kab Tak Kalyug Ke Dashmi Mein Treta Ke Raavan Ko Jalayenge ” , created waves of emotion among the present audience .

The song composed by Shabbir Ahmed, with vocals by Saaj Bhatt, and Anis Ali Sabri, and poignant lyrics by Shabbir Ahmed, served as the emotional centerpiece of the event .

Amidst the glitz and glamour, the essence of “Dashmi” was encapsulated in the soul-stirring melody and evocative lyrics of the composition. The song’s reception was a testament to its ability to touch hearts and stir emotions, setting the stage for an eagerly anticipated cinematic journey .

The movie’s 45-second teaser that was recently released, provided a glimpse into a world striving for the reinstatement of ‘Ram Rajya’ in today’s Kalyug, urging for a societal reboot, and received great reviews from the audience and critics .

Director Shantanu Tambe, through his movie has passionately advocated for the eradication of modern-day ‘ Raavans ,’ emphasizing a fresh start encapsulated by the tagline “Ramrajya Ki Nayi Shuruvaat . “

The stellar ensemble cast of Dashmi, featuring Aadil Khaan, Vardhan Puri, Gaurav Sareen, Monika Chaudhary, Khushi Hajare, and more, has further heightened the anticipation surrounding the film’s release on January 12 , 2024 .

The music launch event not only unveiled a powerful song but also reignited hope for a cinematic experience that goes beyond mere entertainment, aiming to provoke contemplation and inspire societal change.


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