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Diving Into Ananya Das Mahapatra’s Inspiring Tale of Courage and Resilience

Ana Knowledge Arena (Pvt. Ltd.) has made its mark as a space for holistic education and development. At Ana Knowledge Arena, the aim of learning is empowerment, and the curriculum has been developed with great care to uphold the values of innovation, inclusivity and enhancement. This endeavour is the brainchild of Ananya Das Mahapatra and her journey is nothing if not deeply inspiring. 


Ananya Das Mahapatra hails from the quaint, idyllic village of Mohanpur – in West Bengal, where she grew up with parents Atin and Jayashree Dasmahapatra and her sister Anwesha Dasmahapatra. She is a decorated teacher and has been celebrated with prestigious awards like the Ananya Samman for empowering girls, the Bengal Icon award and has led Ana Knowledge Arena to win a best academy award- “Serar Sera Samman”. 


Just like any great teacher, Ananya herself is an avid learner. She holds a masters degree in English Honours, and is trained in Rabindra Sangeet, Rabindra Nritya and Bharatnatyam. Furthermore she has been certified in Abacus and school teacher training. 


Her story is an inspiring tale of hope, resilience and courage. 


Everything was going well for Ananya Das Mahapatra – she had her family and friends, a flourishing career and a sea of opportunities ahead. But all seemed lost when she was diagnosed with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension. She started losing her vision and was told to make her final goodbyes as doctors believed she was incurable. 


Time went on and hospital visits became the new normal for her. But, instead of losing hope in face of such bleak odds, Ananya spent her time in building the blueprint of what we would come to know as Ana Knowledge Arena.


Ananya ascribes her success to the support provided by her loved ones during this difficult time. She has always expressed her gratitude towards her husband Shyamapada Sahoo, her parents Atin and Jayashree Dasmahapatra, her sister and brother-in-law Anwesha Dasmahapatra and Nitish Ranjan Satapathy, her beloved cousin – and her husband – Monalisa Pattanayak and Avik Pattanayak and their son Ayus Pattanayak. 


Having experienced the wonders of what a good support system can do, Ananya decided to make community fostering an inseparable part of Ana Knowledge Arena. 


Ana Knowledge Arena has built an empowering platform for women and children. Through the zero-investment franchise policy, they have made entrepreneurship accessible for women. Ana Knowledge Arena has the finest minds shaping the next generation. Directors Ananya Dasmahapatra and Shyampada Sahoo, executive director Hillol Roy and Training Manager Sushmita Roy have committed themselves fully towards the mission of education and innovation- and their dedication is apparent in the success of the foundation. 


Anabacus – the latest addition to the syllabi – is an innovative learning method put forth by the young genius Aditya Roy. The Anabacus course can be taken in English, Hindi, Bengali or Odia, and has been designed to enhance the knowledge of all – be it a job seeker, a college student or a housewife. 


Ananya Das Mahapatra’s commitment to education and innovation has set an example for teachers and entrepreneurs alike, and she continues to be a role model for women everywhere.

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