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Bengaluru based startup Flytant – Influencer Marketplace raises Seed round from ShuruUp

Flytant’s strategic move to secure this funding is to be instrumental in the development of cutting-edge technologies, propelling the platform to revolutionize the Influencer Marketing industry with its flagship product.

Flytant’s journey began in 2020 with the Influencer Marketplace model, and it has swiftly become the second-largest platform in India and third largest globally, boasting over 600,000 registered influencers and more than 1800 brands internationally. On a global scale, it ranks as the third-largest Influencer Marketplace, attracting top brands and agencies leveraging its capabilities for influencer on boarding.

Vivek Rai, the visionary founder of Flytant, envisions making the platform the largest influencer marketplace globally by the end of this year year and will expand in the USA and MENA region as well. Speaking passionately about the platform’s unique offerings, Rai emphasized its scalability and democratized model, ensuring that influencers of all scales, from nano to macro, can monetize their content effortlessly and quality content creators get a substantial number of collabs. He further emphasised that our biggest USP is scalability and ease with which we help brands hire influencers without any commission involved. 

“We are changing the way the influencer marketing industry works and ensuring influencers can monetize their social media content with great ease,” says Rai.

The company has developed an amazing model where the brands and influencers are able to connect directly on their model. Flytant uses AI enabled algorithms to match the influencers and the brands. The typical agency model where brands go to agencies for their influencer campaign is outdated and generally a manual process is involved. With the Flytants AI model brands are able to shortlist influencers for their campaign easily.

In the second half of this year, Flytant is looking to launch their flagship product Flytant Ads which will enable Influencers to have even more seamless access to sponsorships from the brands. As per the company’s founder this will be a game changing product in the Influencer industry as the brands and influencers will be able to scale their campaign.

Team Shuru-Up said “With the growing trend in number of Influencers and the amount of content creation happening on social media along with content consumption in India, it seems necessary to have a platform that helps Influencers to avail sponsorships directly from brands and monetise their social media content. Flytant helps Influencers to monetise their content through sponsorships from brands, do networking with fellow influencers, create and manage their portfolio and all these without any manual intervention which proves the scalability of the platform.  With the growing number of content creators in India, it is time to revolutionise the Influencer Marketplace and ensure the market is well democratised and influencers are paid as per their work.”

In the dynamic landscape of Influencer Marketing, Flytant stands as a beacon of innovation. With exponential growth, it has emerged as a global influencer hub, spearheading a transformative journey that redefines the industry. A paradigm shift is underway, envisioning a future where influencers and brands seamlessly unite and thrive in a democratized digital terrain.

For more information Visit: https://flytant.com/







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