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Sydney primed as an excellent investment destination for Indians.

In an era of unprecedented globalization, the financial landscape has evolved, diminishing barriers and creating an array of investment prospects. With a surge in international education pursuits and cross-border property acquisitions, opportunities abound for those seeking to broaden their financial horizons.


For the Indian populace, the allure of the ‘foreign’ is undeniable, a sentiment echoed by the substantial increase in Indians venturing beyond borders. Notably, within a single year (2021

– 2022), the number of Indian students studying abroad has surged by an impressive 68%, while overall travel to foreign nations has witnessed a remarkable 137% growth from 2021 to 2022, poised to reach pre-pandemic levels.


Despite this increased outbound movement, a wealth of strategic investment possibilities remains untapped. Australia, having surpassed China and New Zealand to become the third-largest country of birth for Indians, emerges as a prime investment destination. Sumiit Gupta, the Director of Haansal Estate, underscores the financial potential in Australia, particularly focusing on Sydney. Sumiit notes, “While the Indian property market experiences gradual growth—residential property prices in India witnessed 5.9% year on year growth in Q3 2023, Sydney recorded a remarkable 11.9% increase last year, even reaching up to 30% growth in some of the suburbs. With over 100,000 Indians calling Sydney home, there is a significant opportunity for the Indian community to thrive through deeper involvement in the property market.”


This prospect extends to a growing sub-community of Indian students in Australia, strategically positioning themselves for the future through real estate investments. Gupta underscores the numerical evidence, stating, “Sydney has witnessed a substantial increase in median weekly rents, surging from $580 per week in 2022 to over $832 per week by January 2024, reflecting a 43% gain in the rental income for the investors in just the last two years. The remarkable rental yield in the city presents a lucrative opportunity for Indian students, establishing a robust financial foundation to enhance their stay in the continent. In other words, Sydney’s residential rental yield surpasses commercial yield in India, coupled with more sustainable capital growth, making it an appealing investment choice.”


In the face of skyrocketing rents in Sydney, investing in property not only flips the equation for students but also establishes a financial safeguard through a sound investment strategy.


In a city like Sydney where the rents are skyrocketing, the students stand to be on the end of a loss-making venture when they rent their way through higher education. Investing in a property not only lets them be on the other end of the bargain, but it allows them an opportunity to establish a financial safeguard built through a solid investment.


It’s crucial to note that when compared to other international markets like Dubai, Sydney’s real estate market exhibits long-term advantages and steady growth. Unlike Dubai, which witnessed negative capital growth between 2014 and 2021, or the USA that experienced a real estate market crash during global financial crises, Sydney’s real estate market has shown resilience over the last many decades. In the last 25 years, it has consistently avoided negative growth for periods lasting over 4 years and has consistently outperformed previous booms, showcasing its stability and attractiveness as a reliable investment destination.


This presents as a unique opportunity for investors to step out of their financial comfort zones and channel their funds effectively. Haansal Estate not only caters to investors seeking higher capital growth and rental return in a stable market, but also offers a wide range of new luxury homes and holiday properties for High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs). The potential of going ‘down under’ transcends geographical boundaries, elevating financial portfolios. For those intrigued by the prospects of Australian property investment or seeking guidance, ‘Haansal Estate’ welcomes you to explore opportunities at https://haansalestate.com.au/ or contact them at


info@haansalestate.com.au / +61-406-762-160, 0406-762-160


Invest wisely, invest in Australia your gateway to financial elevation.

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