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Neonatology department at Kauvery Hospital, Trichy celebrates “NICU Graduation Day”

Trichy, 14th March, 2024: Kauvery Hospitals, one of the leading multi-specialty healthcare hospital chains in India has always been at the forefront of medical treatment, technology and services. 

Always being patient-centric, and committed to the patient’s well-being, the neonatology department at Kauvery Hospitals celebrates “NICU Graduation Day”!

The Neonatology department admits babies in NICU who have serious complications, or are grossly under-weight, weighing between 600-700g approximately. Around 1250 newborn babies are recovered every year. Sometimes babies may be placed in the NICU for a pretty long time, like 2-3 months; Or they may be discharged early, when they attain a weight of approximately 1.3 kg. After being discharged they are contacted regularly over phone to keep track of their health and development and to offer guidance for the same, and they are required to come back to the hospital for frequent follow ups. At these follow ups, parents receive relevant information on how to handle the baby, feed the baby etc., so they can take good care of their babies in their home environment. 

To mark this important milestone in the life of the baby, which indicates its readiness to grow up and develop in a normal home environment, the neonatology department celebrates “Graduation Day” honoring the babies who recently “graduated” from the NICU.

Dr. Suresh Chellaiha, Academic Head, Kauvery Hospital Trichy highlights the importance of responsible smartphone use for children, emphasizing balance to promote their well-being and social interaction.

Speaking of this Dr D Senguttuvan Chief Paediatrician & Co-Founder Executive Director says, “Babies who braved serious complications at the time of admission to NICU, and are hale and healthy now and are growing up in a normal home environment are invited to the “Graduation Day”. This is a ceremony where parents express their gratitude and joy. We, at the neonatology department, also share in their happiness with a feeling of satisfaction, and this is expressed with a small gift which we present to them at the ceremony. I would like to appreciate the assistance of the doctors who stood by me in this endeavour: Dr K Senthil Kumar, HOD NICU, Dr Meganathan P, Dr C Vignesh, Dr Kiruthiga P, Dr VP Karthikeyan

Celebrations like these demonstrate the dedication and commitment of the Kauvery Hospitals, which helps reinforce the trust and faith of the general public in the institution.

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