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Sandeep Kumar Mishra Becomes First Indian Author to be translated into 15 International Languages

Indian poet and author Sandeep Kumar Mishra‘s bestseller and awards winning book “One Heart- Many Breaks” which was published by Indian Poetry Review in 2020, has been translated into fifteen international languages including English, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Urdu, Arabic, Turkish, Bengali, Malay, German, Czech till date. Dutch and Hindi version are coming soon. It is a great achievement for any author specially Indian because before him only Isha Upanishad and Bhagvad Gita are translated into 64 and 60 languages respectively. No modern Indian author has achieved this feat in being translated into fifteen languages..

One Heart- Many Breaks’ is a autobiographical poetry collection which is translated into Spanish by Javier Prieto Martínez, into Greek by Christina Katranidou, into Portuguese by Teresa Valério Lopes, into Chinese by Huáng xīng ,into Russian by Sergei Rioumin, into Italian by Patrizia Barrera, into Urdu by Abdul Rehman Shafiq, into Arabic by Sherif Mohamed, into Turkish by Meral Alison, into Bengali by Syed Ashraful Ferdous, into Malay by Mohd Fazidin Jabar, into German by Arno Maierbrugger, into Czech by Johana Mahrlova, into Dutch by Jessie Merx.

The original book has won or shortlisted for many international awards including ” Vedvyas Award-2022″, “Readers Favorite Award-21”, “Indian Achievers Award-21”, “IPR Poetry Award-2020” and “Literary Titan Book Award-2020”. He has been shortlisted for “the 2023 Commonwealth Story Prize”, “the 2021 International Book Awards”, “the 52nd New Millennium Award-2021”, “Asian Anthology-2021” and “Joy B Poetry Prize 2021” and “Oprelle Poetry Prize 2021” and “MPT Story Award-2022′ and ‘Newcastle Story Award-2022” and “Anasi Story Award-2022” and “Independent Press Award-2022” and “IAN Book Award 2022”.

From fiction and non-fiction to holy writings or comic books, many of them are translated in lot of languages. While many in the publishing industry bemoan the fact that only about 3% of books published in English are translated, the ones that do break through to the English-language market sometimes become international sensations as it happened with Sandeep.


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