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Episealer Individual Implants for all knee disorders by Episurf Medical

Pune – Changing lifestyle and diseases caused by it are increasing today. About 35 to 40 percent of people in India are suffering from knee pain. Excessive friction in the knee joint, incorrect sitting and standing methods, changing lifestyle, obesity can cause knee pain. Until now, knee replacement was the only option that existed when the pain increased. But now, where earlier the entire knee had to be replaced due to knee problems, now doctors in Sweden have succeeded in saving the knee by replacing only the part affected by friction. 

Episurf Medical has developed a personalised treatment option that replaces the affected area of the joint surface. The goal of the surgery is to restore the knee function and reduce the pain significantly, as well as stop or delay the need for a joint replacement surgery.

The individualised design of the Episealer Patellofemoral Implant is based on MR imaging. By data processing, a virtual 3D model of the damaged knee surface is created, and the lesion is defined. Subsequently, the Episealer and instruments are designed to remove the damaged tissue as well as to restore the area with a perfectly fitting implant. Using the Epiguide during surgery increases the precision of the surgical procedure for optimal positioning of the implant.

This treatment has been running in Sweden for many years, now Episurf Medical is ready for treatment in India, an announcement was made by former Prof. Karolinska Institute, Stockholm and founder of Episurf Medical A B, Leif Ryd in a press conference which was organised in Pune (Maharashtra) to inform about the treatment system developed by Episurf Medical for focal osteochondral defects and osteoarthritis. He was accompanied by Fredrik Zetterberg, Marketing Director of Episurf, Mohan Nair, Managing Director of Episurf Medical India and Pune’s Orthopaedic Specialist Dr. Shyam Thakkar. In the conference, experts gave detailed information about the Individualised Patellofemoral Implant and Surgical Drill Guide through graphics.

After the successful launch of Episealer PFJ System, Asia Pacific region’s First Patellofemoral Joint Surgery is successfully conducted in Delhi, India.

One of the very positive incidents happened during the Episurf Medical A B team’s visit to India is the first patellofemoral joint replacement surgery, using Swedish advanced technique is successful. Mohan Nair, Managing Director, Episurf Medical India, announced this with sheer joy.  The surgery was done on a 51-year-old Businessman, Rajesh (name changed) due to prolonged trauma. The surgery was successfully carried out by Dr. Atul Mishra under the guidance of Prof.  Leif Ryd at Fortis Hospital in Noida, New Delhi. Dr. Atul Mishra Director & Head for Orthopedics at Fortis Hospital, Noida also shared his feelings that he was very much impressed with the ease of use and the finesse with which the implant fits in and glad to operate the Asia Pacific’s 1st Patellofemoral joint (PFJ) case.

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