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Whizhack Technologies Inks MoU with Vietnamese Cybersecurity Company, Total Solutions and Logistics to Develop Cutting Edge Cyber Security Solutions.

New Delhi : Fast growing and India’s only vertically integrated Cyber Security company, Whizhack Technologies inked a deal with a leading Vietnamese Cyber Security Total Solutions and Logistics Limited. Total Solutions and Logistics specialises in Electronic Manufacturing Systems for providing Cyber Security training, products and managed services to various IT and Manufacturing industries in their country. 


Whizahck Technologies is a 100 % home grown Cyber Security company which has developed security products like Honeypots, Host Intrusion Detection Systems & Network Intrusion Detection System. WhizHack also provides extensive Cyber Security Training in collaboration with topline educational institutes in the country and abroad and boasts of a prestigious clientele ranging from defence, power and various other sectors.


The MoU was signed in the presence of Mr Madan Mohan Sethi, the Consulate General of India at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, marking a collaboration between not just two companies but two countries to join hands to combat the burgeoning Cyber Security threats that the world is facing at large. Dr. Milan Patnaik, CISO and Head Global Services, Whizhack signed the MoU with Total Logistics Solutions Company Limited represented by its CEO, Mr. Tran Anh Minh Huy.


The MoU aims for providing Cyber Security training, Deploying Whizhack’s AI based Cybersecurity Products and providing Managed SOC Services to various IT and Manufacturing industries as well as Smart Cities of Vietnam. With a motto to create “Smart and Secure” solutions, the partnership aims to proliferate the latest cyber security technologies in Vietnam to create a one stop solution in developing a facilities centre for training and R&D for futuristic technologies in the field of hardware as well as software. 



The arrangement between Whizhack and TSL is an exclusive one in the field of Cyber Security in India and Vietnam. This partnership marks the beginning of an exclusive strong and long-term partnership between Whizhack and TSL. Both the companies are committed to work together for exploiting the maximum potential of each business, bringing breakthrough values to the cybersecurity industry in particular and high technology in general in Vietnam.


WhizHack in India has been a technology partner to Rashtriya Raksha University SASTRA, IIT Madras Pravartak Foundation and IIT Jodhpur TISC for various Cyber Security research and development projects including training for National Informatics Centre, Madhya Pradesh Skill Development Ministry, Rajasthan Technical University to name a few.  WhizHack has also undertaken the training for personnels of NIC in India to secure the Digital India initiatives. In a recent announcement, Whizhack has partnered with New York State University at Albany to establish an Operational Technology security lab at New York. TSL has been supporting many EMS in Vietnam for PCB making and designing smart solutions in Vietnam.


Speaking about the collaboration, Dr. Milan Patnaik, CISO and Head Global Services, WhizHack Technologies stated, “Cyber Security can only be realised if we have a trained and formidable workforce, alongside fool proof products. The workforce will have to be dynamic and constantly keep themselves updated with the complexities and the ever-evolving landscape of this profession. We cannot work in silos. We have to band together and encourage knowledge sharing between cohorts, companies and for that matter countries if we have to truly beat the hackers to their game. Teaming up with Total Solutions and Logistics is a step in that direction and both the companies have excellent synergies. We are very hopeful that this partnership will bring forth some cutting-edge technology and sharp personnels which will benefit both the countries.


Mr. Madan Mohan Sethi, Consulate General of India at Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam, at the MoU signing ceremony said, “Cybersecurity is a very important area where Vietnam needs to focus. With the proliferation of Smart City initiatives in Vietnam, the requirement of Cybersecurity solutions being deployed to protect the city infrastructure become very essential. Keeping the same in mind, availability of trained Cybersecurity professionals also becomes an important part of this initiative. This cooperation agreement will go a long way to enable cybersecurity professionals of Whizhack Technologies conduct training for the youth of Vietnam and share their experience of handling Cyber-attacks. I am happy that such cooperation has not only promoted business but has looked into the ongoing critical issues being faced by Vietnam in the field of Cyber. “


Mr. Tran Anh Minh Huy, CEO, TSL expressed, “The MoU signing of TSL with an Indian cybersecurity partner brings the expectation of promoting domestic and foreign businesses with a solid cybersecurity system, ensures avoidance of the risks of network security vulnerabilities. With these technologically advanced solutions, the network security systems of government as well as businesses will be safe. The planned training program will create globally valuable cybersecurity professionals, which is also currently planned to be taught at the University of Albany in the US. Commercially, Cooperating with Whizhack will enhance TSL’s growth. Currently, Whizhack is operating outside of India, including the US. In India, Whizhack is recognized as a partner in cyber security for the Indian government which adds value to Vietnam also”.

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