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Saksham Starring Raayo S Bakhirta Heads to Cannes 

The Hindi film “Saksham”, starring Raayo S Bakhirta, has earned international recognition, securing a spot at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. The film, which tells a poignant story of underprivileged children and their struggles, highlights societal weaknesses and offers a narrative on overcoming these challenges.


Shubhanshu Satyadeo, who discovered Raayo Bakhirta through his previous work, felt he was the perfect fit for the lead role. “I was immediately drawn to the subject,”  Raayo  Bakhirta shared. “It’s a beautiful story that highlights our weaknesses as a society and what we can do to overcome these challenges.”

To prepare for his role as an investigative journalist, Raayo Bakhirta sought advice from the reputed journalist S Ramachandran. “With his experience, I could understand the detailed workings and hardships of journalism,” Raayo

Bakhirta explained, emphasizing the importance of authentic portrayal.

The filming took place entirely in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, with a portion shot in the Vangtangiya village. Reflecting on the experience, Raayo Bakhirta said, “The shooting experience was incredible. It was a very enriching experience overall.”

“Saksham” has been nominated among the top 10 films from India and selected by the Film Producers Association of India, the National Film Development Corporation, and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. The film will be screened at the ‘Indian Pavilion’ at the Cannes festival.

“It was a pleasant surprise, and it feels fantastic that our humble film has been chosen by the Indian government to represent Indian cinema at Cannes,” Raayo Bakhirta expressed with gratitude. 

Here is looking forward to much more from this talented actor.

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