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IPMA Launches “Paper Matters” – A Digital Awareness Initiative for Paper

New Delhi, June 20, 2024: The Indian Paper Manufacturers Association (IPMA) has unveiled a new digital awareness and education initiative titled “Paper Matters by IPMA.” It aims to highlight the vital role of paper in India’s economic and social development. By leveraging digital platforms, IPMA intends to engage the younger generation and dispel common misconceptions about the industry.

As a national industry body, IPMA represents the organized and dynamic face of the Indian paper industry. The paper sector is one of India’s oldest industries, significantly contributing to the nation’s economic growth, employment generation, and community development. With a focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing practices, the industry promotes agro-forestry to ensure a continuous supply of raw materials. Agro-forestry initiatives not only support sustainable raw material sourcing but also contribute to rural economy by creating employment opportunities and improving the livelihoods of marginal farming communities, apart from significant environmental benefits like carbon sequestration.

“The paper industry is a responsible stakeholder in the country’s progress,” said Rohit Pandit, Secretary General of IPMA. “This digital initiative will help us reach out to India’s younger generation  and build a strong case for paper in today’s digital and electronic era. Many myths and untruths are propagated about the paper industry, and this campaign will provide a fact-based platform with positive and accurate information.”

One of the campaign’s key messages is the superior recyclability of paper compared to other packaging options like plastic, glass, and metal. Paper is the most easily and quickly recyclable material, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Additionally, the campaign will drive advocacy around India’s rapidly growing paper consumer market, spurred by increasing demand for educational materials, packaging products and hygiene tissue products. The “Paper Matters” campaign will highlight these aspects and share  the industry’s contributions to sustainability and economic development.

Through “Paper Matters,” IPMA aims to create a comprehensive understanding of the paper industry’s role and benefits, fostering a more informed and appreciative audience. By addressing misconceptions and providing factual information, the initiative seeks to strengthen the paper industry’s reputation and support its continued growth and innovation. It has appointed Rite KnowledgeLabs, a Mumbai based independent digital agency to implement the program. 

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