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Railway Minister assured Shubhranshu Dixit, additional sleeper and AC coaches will be added to the Godan Express and Mahanagari Express.

The Indian rail network, a lifeline for millions of passengers daily, faces constant challenges in meeting the demands of its diverse travellers. Long-distance routes, particularly those connecting major cities like Mumbai to North India, are vital arteries of travel for both business and leisure. However, recent reports highlight significant difficulties faced by passengers due to the shortage of available tickets on these routes.

In a recent development addressing these concerns, Union Rail Minister Ashwini Vaishnav has assured substantial improvements for travellers on the Godan Express and Mahanagari Express routes originating from Mumbai. The commitment follows a meeting with social worker  Shubhranshu Dixit, who presented a memorandum detailing the hardships faced by passengers, especially during peak travel periods such as summer vacations and Diwali holidays.

Shubhranshu Dixit emphasized that many North Indian residents in Mumbai rely heavily on these trains to visit their hometowns and villages during festive seasons. The scarcity of waiting tickets has significantly inconvenienced passengers, prompting the appeal for immediate intervention from the Rail Ministry.

Acknowledging the pressing nature of the issue, Minister Ashwini Vaishnav affirmed his attentive consideration of the demands put forth by Shubhranshu Dixit and Sanjay Upadhyay. He pledged to augment the capacity of both sleeper and AC coaches on the Godan Express and Mahanagari Express trains in the near future. This enhancement aims to alleviate the strain on existing services and ensure smoother journeys for all passengers, particularly during peak travel seasons.

The memorandum submitted by Shubhranshu Dixit also advocated for the introduction of duplicate train services, proposing increased frequency for these popular routes. Such a measure could potentially ease congestion and provide more flexible travel options, accommodating the diverse needs of passengers commuting between Mumbai and North India.

The announcement of additional coaches and potential duplicate services underscores the Rail Ministry’s commitment to enhancing passenger experience and addressing operational challenges within the network. With Mumbai being a crucial hub connecting Western India to the North, these initiatives are poised to benefit a large demographic of travellers relying on efficient and accessible rail transport.

Furthermore, the move aligns with broader efforts by the Rail Ministry to modernize infrastructure and optimize service delivery across key routes nationwide. By prioritizing enhancements that directly respond to passenger feedback and operational realities, the Ministry aims to foster greater convenience and reliability in rail travel, thereby reinforcing its role as a cornerstone of India’s transportation network.

As the plans for augmenting the Godan Express and Mahanagari Express progress, stakeholders eagerly anticipate tangible improvements that will ease travel constraints and enhance the overall passenger experience. The forthcoming changes are expected to be implemented swiftly, reflecting a proactive approach to addressing the evolving needs of rail travellers in the region.

In conclusion, while challenges persist within India’s vast railway system, the proactive steps taken by the Rail Ministry signal a promising shift towards more responsive and passenger-centric service delivery. The assurance of additional coaches and potential duplicate train services marks a significant stride towards meeting the growing demand for reliable and accessible rail transport on the Mumbai-North India corridor.

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