In an Ask SRK session, Shah Rukh Khan discusses working with Rajkumar Hirani, his favorite song from Dunki, and other topics.

<p><strong>Ask SRK with Shah Rukh Khan:</strong> Following the huge success of “Jawan” and “Pathaan,” Shah Rukh Khan has built up a lot of anticipation for his next movie, “Dunki.” The celebrity routinely engages with followers on social media and stays active. ‘Dunki’, his favorite song from the film, working with director Rajkumar Hirani, and other topics were addressed by him at a ‘Ask SRK’ session on Sunday afternoon.</p>
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<p>What feature of “Dunki” should the audience be anticipating with excitement? Shah Rukh Khan was asked by a fan. “It’s very funny and then extremely emotional,” the actor commented on X. #Dunki, the cinematic trademark of @RajkumarHirani.”</p>
<p>The ‘Pathaan’ actor also discussed what he knew about ‘Dunki’ before to committing to the movie and what he found to be its most intriguing aspect. “Actually hardly anything,” he posted. I found out about it from Raju and Abhijaat. Learning about and portraying some of it is a daunting and hazardous experience, but it’s also interesting. #Dunki.</p>
<p>Shah Rukh Khan sent a tweet about his favorite romantic song from the film: “I adore romance, thus I can’t chose between the romantic track in the film and also a very fantastic Punjabi song. #Dunki.</p>
<p>The performer said that ‘Nikle The Kabhi Hum Ghar Se’ brings back memories of his childhood in Delhi, along with his parents and friends.</p>
<p>He wrote on X, on his collaboration with Rajkumar Hirani, “And that’s the right reason.” Being a part of a Raju movie excites me as well. A director’s medium is a film. Hero toh aate jaate rehte hain! #Dunki.</p>
<p>Shah Rukh Khan discussed the premise of “Dunki” in a previous interview with The Deadline, stating that the movie is a “story of people who want to come back home when you finally get the calling.”</p>
<p>“My movie would be named Donkey in English. However, the term is pronounced “Dunki” in certain parts of India. It’s called Dunki by the Punjabis. How much about the movie should I tell you?One of our nation’s most talented filmmakers, Mr. Raju Hirani, is the director of this picture. It is authored by the talented Abhijat Joshi. He said to The Deadline, “It’s a tale of individuals who, when the time comes, want to return home.</p>
<p>It’s a comedy movie. His films always blend humor with a strong sense of national sentiment. Thus, it’s a significant voyage for me, and the movie travels to many parts of the globe before returning to India,” he said.</p>
<p>In addition, Taapsee Pannu, Boman Irani, and Vicky Kaushal play important parts in “Dunki.” The film will be released globally on December 21st.</p>

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